Friday, 5 March 2010

'A Contract for Happiness'

Am making solid progress on my first romantic novel which is a historical set in the Sheffield iron industry during the period 1776-1781. I am currently enjoying a retreat in North East Scotland which has really allowed some of the characters to come alive.

When I arrived at Aberdeen Station on 28 February I had 10,000 words of my first draft; and I leave with almost double that. Plus there's still a six hour long train journey tomorrow to go at!

My next deadlines are to get the synopsis for 'A Contract for Happiness' and the first 5,000 words to the team at the York Festival of Writing by March 15, where I have some one to one sessions with editors and agents booked.

I also aim to have completed half of the book by the time I next meet up with fellow Yorkshire Romantic Novelist Association members at our monthly meeting.

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